We provide quality services to all types of visa applications, appeals to MRT, RRT, AAT or the Court including:

  • Unlawful immigrants (confidential, visa application, departure)
  • Partner visas (unlawful immigrants, domestic violence, divorce related)
  • Family visas (child, parents)
  • Religious worker (temp and permanent)
  • Business/ Investment visa
  • TSS, ENS, 494 visas
  • Graduate visas
  • Skilled visa based on points
  • Citizenship application and appeal to courts
  • Request for Ministerial Intervention
  • Villawood Detention Centre and departure

Ex-migration registration number: 0402021 since 2004

Legislation commencing on 22 March 2021 has removed holders of ULPCs (Unrestricted Legal Practising Certificates) from the statutory scheme governing  RMAs(Registered Migration Agents) and as a result, on that date, holders of ULPCs have been removed from the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) Register of Migration Agents (Register).

As Mr. Jai Gon Jang (a.k.a Jacob) is a practising lawyer of NSW with an ULPC, he provides visa services without having to register with the MARA since then.